Mission Statement

TitleHub’s mission is to transform the convoluted real estate closing process into an easy, user-friendly, accurate and customer focused experience. TitleHub is the brain-child of two Massachusetts real estate attorneys who both realized that the residential closing industry lagged far behind other business models in its use of modern technology, marketing strategies and customer service principles. We wanted to create a platform to add value across all aspects of the closing process, for buyers, sellers, realtors and lenders. We call it The Next Generation Of Closing Services.

TitleHub offers a full platform of closing and title services for lenders and buyers. We use our own E-Closing Web-based transaction management system so buyers, realtors and lenders can track the progress of the transaction, and view/download documents right from their own computers. We always have an experienced attorney, not a notary, conduct our closings. We provide through our website and our nationally acclaimed Real Estate Blog a full platform of consumer, realtor and lender legal resources to help you navigate the ever changing real estate legal landscape.

We use social media to stay connected with our clients and business partners. We offer seminars to realtors and lenders to help them navigate the complicated legal landscape and learn new marketing, blogging, and social media techniques.

Above all, we provide value. We provide decades of real estate experience. We provide technology, information and accessibility. We provide superior customer service. If that’s important to you, please contact us, and see for yourself why TitleHub is changing the way residential closings are done in Massachusetts.