Buyer’s Closing Checklist

The day has finally come and it’s time to close on the purchase of your property. You will need to bring the following to the closing:

  • Funds For Closing.You must bring to closing a bank or certified check PAYABLE TO YOURSELF for the balance of the figure shown on line 303 on your HUD-1 Settlement Statement. You will receive this number at least 24-48 hours prior to closing.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Binder. At closing, you need a homeowner’s insurance binder showing the first year premium paid. If you are purchasing a condominium unit, you will need to provide us with the Master Insurance Binder, and depending on the type of loan you use, you may need an HO-6 policy covering the interior of your unit.
  • Your state issued driver’s license with picture or other picture identification.
  • If a sale of your present home is required by your new lender, you must bring the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and a copy of the Deed.
  • Good Faith Estimate. You should bring the Good Faith Estimate of closings costs that your lender originally provided to you during the loan application process. That way, you can ensure that the final closing costs match up to those originally quoted to you.
  • TitleHub’s closing attorneys will be your knowledgeable and reliable guide, assisting you at closing. Our goal is to ensure that there will be no surprises at the closing. We’ve developed innovative ways to keep you informed through every step of this process, like the web-based E-Closing software we employ.