Tips For Pre-Closing Walk-Through

Walk-through tips:

  • Do not waive the walk-through! You snooze, you lose, if there are subsequent problems.
  • Always go with your agent.
  • Bring your camera, Iphone, etc. to document any issues
  • Turn on/off all major appliances to see if they are working properly
  • Check under decks–sellers often leave nasty stuff behind
  • Scour the basement, check for water seepage and stuff left behind
  • Check repairs if the sellers agreed to make any
  • Turn on and off every light fixture
  • Run water & look under sinks for leaks
  • Check garage door openers
  • Have broker test alarm system
  • Open and close all doors
  • Flush toilets
  • Inspect ceilings, wall and floors
  • Run garbage disposal and exhaust fans
  • Test heating and air conditioning (even if off season)

After The Walk-Through

When the buyer arrives at the closing, the first thing I always ask is how did the walk-through go? I can usually tell how it went by whether the buyers (and their agents) are smiling or frowning when entering the closing room. The good thing is that no matter how poorly it went, the attorneys are almost always able to draft a hold-back agreement or some other solution to enable the transaction to close as scheduled. This is just another reasons why buyers and sellers should have experienced real estate counsel at the closing.

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